How awful things have become in the past
that I had so humiliated and give such notice.

I am living in a cramped rented room of London (12 m2).
After a couple of years of hard work I finally managed to save 2.830 £ (4.537 $)
I dream of a house at a price of 14 mln £ (23 mln $) (according to my plan and idea)

Everybody is laughing at me and says I must be mad
I must have been working 800 years to earn it.
I believe, somewhere in this world there is a person that will help me.
Who is courageous and help me build the most art house in the World?

What can I give in exchange? Not much:
- A certificate (one in the World) of a Crazy Billionaire of 1m x 1m in size which you can hang in your study
- Handshake
- Show my face

I hesitate: Should I show my blog or not...
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