Clean house in dirty district

I no need exclusive district.
Be first persone in ugly place.
Somebody told me in confession:
Don’t look at dark side the second persone.
I struggle with it.

I?ll have clean walls but never tell you about yours.


Basment office

There is so much light in basement.
I am afraid only about central heating.
This house have to be in warm climate for reason glass walls.

Why every house doesn’t looks like this one?

Why not express yourself?
Architect will take +20% cash for sophisticated shapes,
but all cars will stop before this home.

I love glass elements

I like loot at homes throw visible walls.
I could have a look at everything what is inside.
Houses with glass elements have something clean.


No expensive, but wooden attic

People don’t like stairs and one-floor houses are trendy
but they have no cosy room under roof.


Maybe you have old factory or church?

I could live in place like this.
Everything would be changed inside.
Very oryginal.

Bright kitchen

Carpe diem. It’s breakfast.
Pastel color this wall.


Very nice windows

Modern style. Inside is nice. Clean and tidy house.
Plasma screen on the wall. Mac. XXII century.


It has soul

Grandmother. This is old but has everything.
It has soul.


Strange beginning

Behind this girl is home.
She is sad but forever?